Simulated Diamond Tiaras & Decorative Bridal Vines UK


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Simulated Diamond Tiaras & Decorative Bridal Vines UK

Our range of tiaras & vines has been carefully chosen to offer our customers the choice between well known designs such as the wedding tiaras of Meghan Markle and The Queen or simpler designs.

The price range of our Bridal/Wedding Tiaras is £30-£150 governed by the complexity of the design but whichever design you choose the build quality will be the same.

We have over 20 Bridal/Wedding tiaras deigns starting with the simple Star and Lily  options realistically priced at around £30 – £40. Our more elaborate designs include  the Queen Mary Fringe, the Spencer tiara a favourite Princess Diana, the Cambridge Lovers Knot and the Russian Kokoshnik, these are more expensive but at £70 – £130 still represent tremendous value.

All of our Bridal/Wddding tiaras are constructed on a Rhodium plated copper frame which will not tarnish and provides flexibilty. The simulated diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies are all AAA grade cubic zirconias which  have the look and feel of real gems but at a fraction of the price.

Our Bridal/Wedding  Hair Vines are also constructed on Rhodium plated frames ans are adorned with simulated diamonds AAA cubic zorconias. The extensive range of Bridal/Wedding vines give Brides and Bridesmaids many options for adorning their hair. The vary in price and complexity but are very good value at £20 – £60.