Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald Tennis Bracelets UK

Whether it’s a special someone’s birthday or your anniversary, Karianne’s Secret has you covered. Not only can bracelets signify your love but are a great accessory to add to any women’s collection. If gifted, they’d be a sign of care and affection and make her remember you every single time she puts it on. This guide is aimed at helping you pick the perfect addition, either to your own closet or as a memorable gift depending on the receiver’s personality and tastes and what you wish to convey.

A Comprehensive Online Buying Guide For Bracelets

We understand that the market for jewellery is a complex one out there, with very nuances, tunnels and schemes to wade through… But we hope that by the end of this read, you’d have a pretty good idea about how bracelets work and which one you’re going to be getting. So, without holding you off anymore… alongside our selected favourites, here’s an introduction to the various types of pieces available at Karianne’s Secret.

Tennis Bracelets

“Tennis… wait, isn’t that a sport? No? If not, then what is a tennis bracelet?” is a conversation that we’ve had so many times with our customers. We don’t wish to keep you in the dark anymore.

The term Tennis Bracelet originated after Chris Evert, the female tennis champion, lost a diamond bracelet during a match in the 1987 US Opens. The match was postponed until her bracelet was found. The event was televised and lead to a trend of calling such type of bracelets “Tennis Bracelets”. Obviously these had existed for quite a while before 1987, previously known as Riviera Bracelets. They were worn both by men and women as light Eternity Bracelets.

These tennis bracelets are quite thin, sleek, elegant but never garish, the best ones are usually made from either platinum or 18ct gold with embedded diamonds (Ever heard of a 1ct diamond tennis bracelet?)

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Diamond Tennis Bracelet

This is a stunning 7in tennis bracelet set in 925 Sterling Silver, a speciality of Karianne’s Secret and showcases some of the most beautiful and mesmerizing simulated diamonds. Its width ranges from 4mm to 5mm depending on your preference.

Moreover, the bracelet is plated with rhodium, giving it a clean finish and ensures a wonderful lustre similar to that of white gold and furthermore, protects against tarnish and wear. For the picky chooser, other options available include: White Tennis Bracelet, Gold Tennis Bracelet and Sterling Silver Tennis Bracelet.

Sapphire Bracelet

This silver sapphire bracelet is incomparable to anything else available on the market at its range. It’s truly an epitome of sapphire bracelets that any woman can have and is surely likely to appease whoever you gift it to. Bonus points on matching the colour of their eyes (if you’re lucky enough).

This Blue Sapphire Bracelet is likely to reflect on your relationship’s depth and compare it to that of an ocean unsurmountable. If you do not like this shade of the deep blue, maybe this Light Blue Bracelet would be more up your alley.

Emerald Bracelet

If you’d rather prefer the symphonies of the forest and nature to be reflective of your relationship, a deep green emerald tennis bracelet might be more to your liking (and your significant other’s). We can’t best put into words just how calming the appeal, sight and ambience of emerald bracelets is. They’re truly a world apart and trust us, if you choose to invest in one… Your relationship might just cross cloud nine to reach an entirely different world too.

Ruby Bracelet

A blazing fire, danger, thrill and excitement and of course, the colour of love: The deeply enthralling red in the ruby simply signifies so much that you’d lose count of how many occasions ruby bracelets  can be used in. Maybe this valentine’s, instead of a rose, you’d give them something last, something actually worthy and reflective of your everlasting relationship. We assure you that her response wouldn’t be underwhelming at the sight of those beautiful stones.

Double Row Tennis/Iariat Bracelet

This and the next bracelet are specialities originally designed and exclusively available at Karianne’s Secret. This innovate design features stunning 5mm double strands that stand out from the general bracelet-wearing-crowd and possibly even make you the talk of the group. This bracelet, like the others, is rhodium plated – preventing tarnishing and is quite variable.

That means that it’d look lovely on you, whether you wear it on weddings, special occasions like the opera or to the theatre or even Christmas!

Triple Row Tennis/Lariat Bracelet

You thought that Karianne’s Secret would stop at two and just let the tennis bracelet remain a “good” thing? It clearly dislikes the concept of ‘not fixing something that isn’t broken’ and went a step ahead to provide its elated audience with the lariat, triple row diamond tennis bracelets which simply look stunning to any lucky witnesses.

The Lariat Bracelet is a design-from-the-future – if you will – and sets you apart from your peers and immediately hands you the spotlight. We can only hope that you make good use of this immense power.

Freshwater Pearl

A tenderly blooming thread of Freshwater pearls, carefully adorned over a wrist is often the flawless accessory, and can be worn at almost any occasion. Treasured for their sturdiness and layers upon layers of natural colours, Freshwater Pearls stem from their origins from some of the deepest and most natural water bodies of the planet.

Freshwater Pearl with Sterling Silver

Bracelets made of pearls at Karianne’s Secret offer the richest and most natural colour amongst the many available in the market, at some of the lowest prices. You’d find that the deeply cool touch that they provide your wrist is indeed a calming sensation and almost essential to feel throughout the day. You’d never know how you ever went through your day without one.

More options for Freshwater Pearls at Karianne’s Secret include: Two Strand Freshwater Pearl Bracelet, Freshwater Pearl Bracelet with Clasp and Freshwater Pearl Bracelet with Sterling Silver Balls.