Diamond, Sapphire, Emerald Tennis Necklace UK

Necklaces can literally be the closest thing to a person’s heart that you can gift. They are a sign and essence of beauty, a show of love and a mark of uniqueness. If done right, they can enhance any outfit manifold and can even astound the most apathetic of observers. Karianne’s Secret goes a long way in providing its customers with a wide assortment of necklaces, allowing them to sift through them and pick one that matches their preferences and styles.

A Comprehensive Online Buying Guide For Necklaces

However, we understand that this choice can sometimes get a little confusing and possibly even daunting. Therefore, in order to hopefully take some of that fear away from your shopping experience here at Karianne’s Secret, here’s a comprehensive guide to buying necklaces. We hope that you find the necklace of your dreams by the end of this read. Here’s some of our selected pieces alongside the descriptions of a collection of various necklaces that you’d find in the market.

Tennis Necklace

Karianne’s Secret has an extensive set of tennis necklaces, whether that’s your regular diamond studded tennis necklace crafted with sterling silver or other beautiful and exquisite pairings with shades of ruby, emerald and sapphire. Not only that, but Karianne’s Secret also offers you some unconventional options to truly stand out from the crowd, including necklaces with stones in colours like pink, yellow, amethyst, black, brown and white.

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Diamond Tennis Necklace

A Riviera or Tennis necklace is an essential for any clothing or accessory store, and the pieces that Karianna’s Secret holds are truly a hallmark of its quality. Amongst the many others available, there are two pieces that would easily catch anyone’s eye.

The first being the Solid Sterling Silver Riviera Necklace. Its distinct design includes three prongs crafted to sit beautifully while facing various gawkers. Moreover, ranging from 16 to 18 inches, the necklace has 88 to a 100 stones equivalent to 22 to 25 carats. Now that’s what we call an investment.

Secondly, the 925 Solid Sterling Silver Riviera Necklace is another work of art offered at Karianne’s Secret that is likely to blow your friends away. Its rhodium plated body prevents it from wear and tarnish while maintaining its godly luster. You would definitely regret not giving this wonderful piece a shot.

Sapphire Necklace

Although there are multiple sapphire necklaces out in the market like the white gold sapphire necklace, diamond sapphire necklace and the sapphire heart necklace, this blue sapphire necklace offered by Karianne’s Secret truly does the task of standing out from the crowd as it successfully will draw the attention of your peers and relatives if you choose to wear it to any occasion or event (which you definitely should).

Not only that, its design does not seem too pompous, keeping it subtle at a width of 4.5mm while the simulated diamonds appear as true as the real thing and resonate the piece’s impact. This Sapphire necklace is indeed a must if you wish to add the colour of the deep, unrestrained ocean to your outfit of the day. Moreover, it’s also available in a lighter tint if that’s what you prefer.

Emerald Necklace

Emerald Necklaces do the task of characterizing your clothes, personality and aura with the shades of the forest, with the intense hue acting as a significant soother for the agitated mind – whether yours or the onlooker’s. This gorgeous set of an emerald green necklace at Karianne’s Secret is available at a more lustrous width of 4.5mm and an even subtler and light 2.5mm as well, allowing you to pick one that goes with your tastes.

Ruby Necklace

The last shade of conventional tennis necklaces is the blazing red embedded in the precious ruby. It’s a colour of love, romance and heartfelt affection. It’s truly the most mesmerizing, gorgeous and even daunting shade of all, with all its afflictions of desire and passion. You can never really go wrong with picking Karianne’s Secret’s ruby necklaces, whether that’s 4.5mm wide or 2.5mm wide, depending on your preferences.

Freshwater Pearl

Freshwater Pearl necklaces offered by Karianne’s Secret are easily some of the most polished and refined sets on the market at their range right now. They offer any outfit added class and appeal with their clean and serene charm. The following three that we’ve handpicked for you are easily amongst our favorite sets on the website.

The Freshwater Pearl Necklace with Pearl Cluster Pendant is an embodiment of harmony and charm. Any other set you find is unlikely to provide you with the same experience as this mesmerizing work of art. For the picky choosers, with some subtle but yet significant differences are the Pearl Necklace with Pearl Cluster in Peach and Pearl Necklace with Cluster in Ivory.

Any of these pieces is likely to make your day whenever you choose to step outside with one of them on.


Not all designs made by creative artists and craftspeople can be easily categorized and compartmentalized. Hence, to do away with any self-imposed restrictions, here are some of the more unconventional pieces for the unique minded:

Heart Locket Set w/ Diamonds

This piece by Karianne’s Secret is a sterling silver necklace with a heart shaped locket which is embedded with beautifully-made simulated diamonds. Or if you prefer the classic…

Necklace w/ Heart Pendant

Really a design recognized worldwide and one you’d easily get your heart stuck on. (pun intended)

Round Belcher Necklace

This gorgeous set is embossed with stars for added glory weighs a whopping 20.2g.

Four Strands Necklace

This heavy four strand with ball design weighs a good 9.9g, made of sterling silver, and is indeed a valuable addition to any collection.

Blue Shell and Mother of Pearl Necklace

Lastly, this natural piece is reminiscent of the oceans of the world and is likely to add a deep sense of longing for the waves and the beach to your heart whenever worn. More power to you if you choose to fulfill that consequently rising desire.