Diamond Studs And Earrings UK

It’s always a pleasure to see some beautiful earrings be finally delivered to you after the strenuous effort of picking them online and then having to wait for them. This wait would be even more tiresome and exhausting after you purchase one from Karianne’s Secret, and trust us, that’s not because the wait time’s gonna be longer.

A Comprehensive Online Buying Guide For Earrings

However, in order to cut down on the first part of you having to wade through all the various beautifully crafted designs on our website to find one that suits you, we’ve compiled a guide which would ease the process significantly. Hopefully, by the end of this read, you’d have a good idea about what you desire and would allow Karianne’s Secret to fulfill that desire. So, to get rid of all your potential doubts and qualms, here’s a list of our selected pieces and their descriptions.


Ear Studs can be some of the quickest jewelry to put on and remove while also being potentially the most fashionable. Moreover, they aren’t as painstaking to take care of while wearing either. Here at Karianne’s Secret, we have a wide variety of studs to suit your tastes and purposes. Take a look:

Love Heart Stud Earrings

These studs literally do allow you to carry your heart, with their style adding its charm to any outfit you wear. If you’ve been a fan of the cute, princess-like appeal which further differentiates you from the crowd… These might be the studs for you.

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Diamond Flower Stud

These diamond studs are another set which is easily amongst the most unique ones available in the market right now. Simply put, your peers would be pretty damn jealous if you show up wearing the fauna in diamond.

Diamond Studs

Now here’s the conventional diamond stud earrings that go with most women and are even considered as diamond studs for men by some, if that’s up their alley. These are the easiest to pull off and can really go with any individual’s outfit or wardrobe. Really, you can’t ever go wrong with this design if you’re just starting off with accessorizing your ear.

Red Heart Studs

These small earring studs are truly a fashion statement of their own and a sign of your passion to be apart from the crowd. Carry these fiery red icons on your ears with pride and your existing confidence is only going to take a leap ahead.

Green Heart Studs

These are another pair of pretty tiny stud earrings that should be on the top of your shopping list for your new emo look. It’s easy to realize that your peers would only be green with envy after you get your hands on this set. After all, who can resist the colour of the forest?

Freshwater Pearl Studs

A Freshwater Pearl Stud is indeed quite a classy addition to your closet and can act as an instigator of some of the most serene experiences and genuine compliments you’ve witnessed in your time outside, being dressed up. They reflect the calmness of the earthly lakes they represent and are a piece of jewelry you simply can’t go wrong with.

Diamond Rose Stud Earrings

A rose diamond stud is easily a fancy piece of jewelry to couple with your formal outfits. Its pristine appeal is going to make you relish each and every second that you choose to wear it. You have our word.

Drop Earrings

Although all these stud sets are quite fanciful, maybe you’re one of those traditional people who love the grace of a draping earring set and we wouldn’t blame you. After all, you can never really go wrong with the classics, can you? Here’s our pick of the most gorgeous drop earing sets at Karianne’s Secret:

Diamond Hoop Earrings

These diamond earrings are easily a part of the most unique set amongst all diamond drop earrings out there. The cascading effect looped into a circle forms some of the most fanciful jewelry we here at Karianne’s Secret have potentially ever witnessed. When we tell you that this piece is earnestly amongst our very best, you might as well believe us.

Freshwater Pearl Drop Earrings

This freshwater pearl set should appease those who’d wish for the calmness of the lakes to be embodied as drop earrings. There just isn’t any going back after you get a mesmerizing and tranquil set like this one.

Earrings with Cascading Circles

This design is on the more extravagant side but we included it here because even this can bring a certain level of posh to any outfit if utilized in the right manner. After all, it’s up to the suitor and not just the clothes or their outfit.

Hoop Earrings

If you did not prefer the earlier spherical design, then maybe this drop earring might be more up your alley. This only goes to show that Karianne’s Secret does care for each and every one of its customers out there and their individual tastes.

Drop Earrings with Five Sparkling Princess-cut Cubic Zirconias

This design, like the others, is set in Sterling Silver and adds a sparkle to both, the wearer’s eye and apparel. It clearly balances itself quite well on the spectrum ranging from subtlety to extravagance and pompousness. If pulled off right, you’d definitely find this to be a worthy purchase.

Blue Topaz Drop Earrings

Adding some colour and flavour to your dress, these earrings coupled with precious blue topaz are likely to shroud any onlooker in envy. They feature quite an exquisite cut and can easily be worn with mostly any dress, gown or other formal outfit of your choice. Moreover, it’s also set in Sterling Silver.

Lastly, if the Blue Topaz isn’t as much to your liking, then maybe this Amethyst shade of Earrings, set in the same stone and sterling silver, might suit your preferences.