Cashmere is very expensive and consists of high quality of fibre. Cashmere pashmina shawls are typically more expensive than other wool. Mentioned below are some of the reasons of cashmere shawl is expensive.

The Best Fibre: Cashmere is called the ‘king of fibres’. It is the most comfortable and sought after of all material for a reason. Cashmere comes from the rare goat species of Kashmir, capra hircus. Due to the sub-zero temperatures, high altitudes and inclement weather common to Kashmir’s highlands help grow the diamond fibre of the downy undercoat of these goats. The name Cashmere actually comes from Kashmir’s old spelling, reminding us the source of origin of this illustrious fabric. For ages, cashmere shawl have been used in political and religious settings by Iranian and Indian emperors.

Why Are Cashmere Shawls Expensive?Not An Easy Manufacturing Process: The preparation of your favourite cashmere pashmina shawl is very demanding and painstaking and it may take several months to a year to make one. The downy undercoat of these goats can contain impurities like grease, dandruff etc. So, these gifted artisans need to manually sort, clean and hand spi9n the Cashmere fibres before beginning the weaving process of cashmere wrap shawl. The cleaning and sorting process to separate the good from the bad can be quite long time. Only then the weaving process can begin.

Rare Capra Hircus Goats, Rarer Cashmere Fibre: The capra hircus goats are a rare species and found only in the harsh weather of the highlands. But we don’t get very high amount of fibre from a single cashmere goat. A cashmere goat may offer anywhere between six and eight ounces at the beginning, but we cannot only get more than four ounces of fibre after processing. You can get over 2,000,000 metric tons of sheep wool yearly, whereas only about 6,500 metric tons of cashmere fibre can be obtained annually. No wonder cashmere shawl UK is so expensive.

Unparalleled Quality: Now that you became familiar with its source and tedious manufacturing process, you can understand the quality of this fibre. Did you know? A fibre of cashmere shawl sale has a diameter of less than 18.5 microns which is nearly one-four times finer than human hair which is about 80 microns in diameter! As the fiber isn’t straight, it doesn’t itch, and it feels soft and comfortable. Cashmere is a natural insulator and it is much warmer than sheep wool garments while being much lighter. Investing in a cashmere shawl always pays off because you can use it for a lifetime if you can take gentle care. Cashmere is classic choice and it never gets old on fashion trends. It is very similar to like wine.

So, the next time you see a cashmere wrap shawl in a marketplace or you come across any kind of cashmere shawl sale, don’t hesitate to splash out big bucks as it can be deal of a lifetime, quite literally!

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