As with any wool product cashmere is susceptible to pilling, . Mentioned below are some of the ways by which you can prevent and remove cashmere shawl pilling.

Proper Cleaning: Oh no! You have spilled some coffee or chocolate on your favourite cashmere shawl! It’s quite common, right? What do you do? Wash the whole thing as soon as possible? No need. Use some cold water, slight amount of detergent that is not very harsh on cashmere, and a Q-tip gently to rub the stains out. That should do the trick! However, the stain seems worse, don’t take risk and give it to the dry cleaner. Don’t forget to mention what made the stain so that they can easily figure out how to remove it from cashmere pashmina shawl.

Wash Less And Spray More: Please avoid frequent washing your cashmere wrap shawl. Instead try to use some delicate sweater spray after every wear and then let the yarns rest a bit before folding. The spray can give out a lovely smell while removing odours with an anti-bacterial and non-toxic formula.

Ways To Prevent And Remove Cashmere Shawls PillingHand Wash In Cold Water: When washing your cashmere wrap shawl, use cold water at all times. Washing in hot water with the usual friction will almost certainly result in shrinking as well as pulling. During the machine washing process hand wash is always recommended over machine wash for cashmere. Always turn the garment inside out before washing. Choose a soap that is less harsh. Let the soap get through the fabric through slightly squeezing. If you need to rinse the garment do it in cold and clean running water. Avoid rubbing or wringing at all cost. When it comes to drying your cashmere shawl sale, lay it in shades carefully on a dry and flat sweater rack or towel. And don’t even think about using a dryer, please.

Scissors Or Sweater Combs? : Let’s be honest, with even utmost care, it is very difficult to avoid pilling on a cashmere as it is a natural fine fiber. But don’t worry. You can use a small pair of scissors or a razor blade to remove the pills one at a time. However, you need to be careful about not cutting too close to the surface. If you want a safer solution, you might have to shell out a few bucks. With a good quality sweater comb or electric fabric shaver, you easily get rid of cashmere shawl sale piling. Try avoiding rough, but don’t forget to apply slight pressure while combing.

So don’t wash very frequently. Apply some sweater spray between wearing. Try to wash by hand in cold water. And if you still get pilling, use sweater comb to remove them. You will find your cashmere shawl is getting softer over time if you take care of them properly!

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