Taking proper care of your sterling silver bracelets will make it last longer. So pay attention on the way you store, wear as well as clean your sterling silver bracelet. Such small and easy steps will aid you in keeping these bracelets look brilliant for many years.

Store Your Bracelet Properly

Make Use Of One Air Tight Container: You can use any type of container to store your sterling silver bracelet. But make sure it is kept air-tight. Bags that come with zip locks will work great. For better option, make use of special jewellery bags.

Keep In Cool And Dark Place: Tarnishing of silver jewelry is accelerated by sunlight, heat as well as moisture. So always remember to store it in any cool and dark place.

Store Pieces Separately: If you own a sterling silver tennis bracelets along with 2-3 other pieces, then store them individually. It will prevent your jewelry from getting scratched or tangling with one another.

Never Store In Any Paper, Cardboard And Cotton Filled Up Boxes: Such boxes might contain sulphur traces that will be contributing to tarnishing.

Wear It With Care

Wear It Frequently: The natural oils present in your skin will aid in keeping your sterling silver bracelets shiny. One of the easiest ways to stop tarnish is wearing such bracelet often rather than allowing it to stay in one jewelry box.

How To Take Care Of Sterling Silver Bracelets?Do Not Wear During Household Works: Household cleaners, perspiration, rubber and chlorinated water will be accelerating corrosion as well as tarnish. So before cleaning always remove your sterling silver bracelets UK totally.

Keep Away From Direct Sunlight: If you are wearing sterling silver tennis bracelet, then always remember to remove it before you dive into a pool or relax at a beach during your vacation. Sunlight will cause this jewellery to tarnish.

Put On Your Jewellerry In The End: Apply makeup, hair spray and hairspray before fitting your sterling silver bracelets. This is because all these products will be accelerating tarnishing.

Clean It Thoroughly

Soap Along With Water: Soap as well as water is gentle and that is why it is recommended while cleaning any sterling silver jewellery such as sterling silver tennis bracelet.

Baking Soda As Well As Water: Instead of using toothpaste make use of baking soda as well as water. If a toothpaste is simple non gel based and non whitening paste then you can use it on your sterling silver bracelets. Nowadays toothpastes contain a lot of ingredients that will damage your sterling silver jewelry. So prepare a paste from baking soda along with water. Apply a little amount on a cloth and scrub it gently.

White Vinegar Along With Baking Soda: To remove tarnish that has occurred heavily on your sterling silver bracelets,  this method will be great. Keep the jewellery soaked in half cup of vinegar and add 2 tablespoon of baking soda. Let it stay like this for 2-3 hours. Rinse the jewelry well and allow it to dry.

Finish It With Polishing: Once you are done with the cleaning, finish the entire process by making use of such a polishing cloth that is particularly for sterling silver.

So when a woman buys such bracelets, she wishes to make it last for a long time. Hence it is essential to be aware of the above mentioned steps.

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