A Cashmere poncho is versatile garment and can be worn easily. You can wear it for several occasions as well as in different ways. It is always recommended to store cashmere ladies poncho in bags that are breathable. Mentioned below are few tips on storing your cashmere poncho.

Generally, cashmere poncho is stored well if it is not kept in a hanging position which causes distortion of shape due to its heavy weight because of gravitational force which eventually ends up with the impressions of hanger in the garment. To store for long term, always avoid any plastic bin which is a place where moisture along with bugs thrive. Instead make use of cotton bags as bugs will never get in through cotton.

If you are storing your  poncho in any shelf or a drawer, then make use of an anti-moth paper that comes with a fragrance. Line the shelf or drawer well. In case of a wardrobe, use cedar balls to keep moths away. You can also pop 1-2 sachets in between the knits and replace the old ones as they have a tendency of losing the strength after some time.

A cashmere poncho will feel better after getting a wash but dry cleaning is preferable.

How To Store Cashmere Ponchos?It is always wise to keep garments especially the cashmere poncho sale in a clean place, be it in your wardrobe or under the space of your bed, cleanliness for long term storage in mandatory. Do not store it in cardboard box as they are never pH neutral. As a result the chemicals that are present in this fabric has a chance of reacting with acid or may be alkaline that is present in such boxes. Make use of breathable bags that are deep and can also store 4-5 of these knits. Bags with breathable top as well as bottom and a clear plastic band will allow you to see what is there inside.

Also, an acid free tissue paper could be used to wrap ponchos in order to preserve the real color as well as protect it against any damp along with dust. It will thus serve the purpose of its storage.

The cashmere poncho must be kept out of direct sunlight as it has potential to fade the fibres and colours. Stored cashmere ponchos require to stay well-aired, free from dust apart from kept away from sunlight. Never keep it in sunlight directly.


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