Cashmere is one such delicate fabric. So if you opted for a cashmere poncho, then care for it the right way in order to make sure it last for a very long time. Follow the below mentioned instructions to make your cashmere poncho last longer:

Washing And Dry Cleaning: Some sensitive garments are kept well through dry wash like Pure Silk sari but this is not the case of cashmere poncho. Washing your poncho under a running tap of cold water is recommended. After this you can simply hang the garment for a short period of time and can squeeze a bit smoothly and then you can soak rest of the water in a towel. If you want to do the washing process in a washing machine you must operate it on the most delicate setting available.

How To Make Your Cashmere Ponchos Last LongerPill And Fuzz: Removing pill and fuzz it is best to use a “fabric shaver”. This can  be quicker and better better than picking off by hand,  dry cleaner often offer a de-fuzz service.

Checking For Moth: Damage from moths is very rare in the UK these days but it is prudent to check cashmere such garments on a regular basis.  Keep your poncho in an impenetrable zip lock plastic bag. Seal the cashmere poncho sale in the bag and place it in any drawer. Close it tightly.

So because of the fine nature of cashmere poncho , it is necessary to take additional special care with the knit to ensure it appears as rich as it was on its initial wear.

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