Moth damage is almost unheard of in the UK but in some areas of the world it can still be a problem.


How To Keep Cashmere Ponchos Safe From Moths?The Use Of Mothballs: A home remedy is to use mothballs which are usually called Napthalene at several places in your wardrobe. You can place the white tiny marble like balls in the folds of your cashmere poncho or simply tying in a piece of cloth and hanging or placing it within. However using moth balls can leave an odour which can persist for some time after the moth balls have been removed. There are several products including odourless sprays and breathable storage bags which are preferable to moth balls.

Clean The Wardrobe Well: These are some very basic ways to take care of cashmere ponchos.  Regularly clean your wardrobe and spray with a repelant before storing your cashmere garments.

Other Recommended Steps: If moth problems persist you may take further an extreme step which is to spray pheromone powder. Pheromone is the chemical substance excreted by insects in this case moths to attract their opposite gender. By using pheromone powder and creating artificial aura about the presence of another insect the abolishment process is done and cashmere poncho will be kept safe from moths.

So if you get hold of any damaged cashmere poncho sale you should not call the professionals. Simple cleaning will help you to get rid of the moths by quickly wiping the shelves where they are present.

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