When it comes to identifying the authenticity of cashmere poncho, the very basic way is making use of your sensory organs. Also there are certain ways by applying those one can be aware of the quality and further would be able to identify its authenticity. Some of the tests are:

How To Identify 100% Pure Cashmere Ponchos?The Softness Test: When it comes to get essence of any tactical feature there is no way but to go for what our skin feels. In this case cashmere poncho is very soft in nature due to its exceptionally fine quality of fibres. The diameter of fibre is 18.5 microns which is tended to stick together. One way to identify such ladies poncho is to rub it against your chin to feel the nature of the poncho better as chin is to be believed one of the most effective sensible spaces of human body.

The Light/Weight Test: First of all as it is made of the finest quality of fibres so it is likely to be very light in weight which can be folded very easily and would occupy a little space surely. In case if you find a heavy one appears as cashmere poncho you may rethink of its authenticity. Also another way, if you spread this against light it would not allow light to come through it, if your ladies poncho seems to be a transparent one then its identity is different from what you are looking for.

The Color Appearance Test: Color appearance means it may be of one single color which can appear as shiny or as matte one where the appearance depends on the raw material. In case of cashmere poncho, the appearance of the production would neither be too shiny nor too matte. It stays in between which is of its own and hard to articulate.

How To Identify 100% Pure Cashmere Ponchos?The Label Test : Some of them would come with a tag,100% cashmere ladies poncho as there is probability of existence of less than 100%,so if you find one with this characteristic it is alright to consider this claim along with the other tests as well.

The Price Test: As we have discussed earlier about the nature of the cashmere poncho sale so it simply would be expensive. If you find cheap alternatives it is likely that they are not pure cashmere, they are unlikely to last as long as genuine products and will probably not be as comfortable against the skin.

The Name Test: There is another kind of products available in the market which describes the ladies poncho as it would give cashmere touch or feeling. So it is clear from the description that these are one of the ‘types’ of finest fibre made ponchos which may contain silk as raw material along with fibre.

When it comes to the purchase of cashmere poncho, the awareness about the nature and the features or qualities of the very product is an important issue. So purchase from a well-known source where there would not be any confusion related to its authenticity.

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