Women’s Pashminas and Shawls

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Women’s Pashminas and Shawls

We sell premium Cashmere shawls made 100% from the under down hair of Changthangi or Cashmere Goat, locally called Changra. Cashmere Shawls can be worn to simply wrap around your body on top of a winter coat or alternatively as a scarf. We also offer alternative shawls and pashminas which are a blend of 70% cashmere and 30% silk threads, providing an overall tighter knit and a heavier, more durable feel to the shawl for a timeless look. Browse the range of products and colours below. Free shipping in the UK!

A Comprehensive Buying Guide For Cashmere Shawls

The Pashmina Cashmere Shawls are also called Pashmina Shawls once the Cashmere fibres are woven. The nomads in the Nepal Himalayan regions rear the Capra hircus goats which develop the warm and thick undercoat of soft hair on their necks during the moulting season. After trimming the hair and de-hairing to remove the coarser guard hair from the fleece, the derived Cashmere is dyed and textile yarns are made for weaving the shawls.

The Usefulness Of The Cashmere Shawls

The Cashmere shawl in UK are sourced from Nepal where the experienced local artisans still practise the traditional looming process of the Cashmere wool before weaving them in creating something as useful as a scarf or shawl. The usefulness of the shawls are many –

  • Wrap around a thick cashmere shawl while going out in the freezing winter and you are all covered from head to chest –no more worry about catching cold or shivering.
  • Different coloured shawls can be worn in contrast or in complement with your dress, with this warmth is accompanied by style. Check this product  for example  the electric blue coloured shawl looks great with the white top.
  • The lightweight shawls are perfect style accessories with both traditional and stylish tops and pants. Just hang casually around your neck and you are all set.
  • You can wear them as a shrug with your regular garments so that in case you feel cold, you can easily wrap it around.
  • A Cashmere wraps or shawls is a quick cover-up, while making you look presentable. See how the dark grey shawl acts as a great cover-up.

Products You Can Consider Buying

After going through the intricate combing process, the Cashmere fibres are woven in the traditional way so that they can remain warm and comfortable at the same time. At Karianne’s Secret, the Pashmina 100% Cashmere Shawl are divided into the following category –

Luxury Shawls

Be it an evening wear or day wear, these luxury shawls can be used as a shrug, a wrap around the neck or even hung from your shoulder loosely. Perfect for both easy-breezy days and the freezing days, the luxury Cashmere Pashmina shawl is offered in twenty five colour variants to match all tastes. The variants include Tangerine, Caramel Gold, Ruby Red, Saffron, Imperial Purple, Rose Quartz Pink, Raspberry, Jet Black, Snow White, Chocolate, Mid Grey, Rose Pink, Turquoise, Teal and Sea Blue. Check out the Navy Blue variant.

Thick Knitted Shawl

Weighing around 230 grams, these Cashmere shawls are made from 2 ply of luxurious Cashmere by the craftsmen in Nepal. The size is standard for all with 200 cm length and 70 cm width. The fabric is super warm to keep you comfy in chilly weather even. Among the neutral colour variants like Natural Cream, Black, Caramel Beige, Mid Grey and Light Grey you can check out the timeless Black one. If you feel adventurous enough then try out the Burgundy  from the vibrant variants like Cherry Red, Royal Blue, Emerald Green, Navy Blue and Turquoise.

William Morris Honeysuckle Variants

This limited edition Pashmina Cashmere Shawl boasts of the William Morris Honeysuckle printed pattern by the artists in Kathmandu. The 100% Cashmere lightweight shawl is available in the size 200 cm x 70cm. ,  Among the available variants like Orange, Pink, Green and Blue, this blue printed one will definitely catch your eye.

Other Cashmere Shawls You Can Check Out

While the 100 percent Cashmere Shawls are doing the rounds, Karianne’s has also the handcrafted variant from Nepal where the shawl is made of 70 percent Cashmere fibre and 30 percent silk threads. Exclusively woven at the Karianne’s Secret in Nepal by the veteran artisans, the blended Cashmere Wool Shawl are more durable than 100% Cashmere ones. For example, in the Blue Jean variant, the weaver is able to create a tighter knit than the only Cashmere shawls with the silk threads and the tighter the knit is, the heavier it becomes. The features are –

  • Handcrafted by the artisans in Kathmandu, Nepal, the traditional weaving touch is evident
  • 2 ply of Cashmere fibre and silk are used to make these shawls before exporting them as Cashmere Shawls in UK.
  • They are available in 70cm x 200cm size
  • Stronger material and will last long
  • Will not cause irritation in contact with skin.
  • Offered in colour variants namely Pewter, Charcoal, Blue Jean, Air Force Blue and Silver. Here is the Pewter variant.

These blended shawls have a timeless look. Just like the 100% Cashmere varieties, these shawls feel soft while coming in contact with skin. The added lustre of the silk threads gives classier look to these shawls.

While the hand-painted William Morris shawls enhance the gravity of a mature lady, the luxury and blended variants are perfect for all age group. No matter how the weather is or what the occasion is, these Cashmere shawls will make you stylish and comfortable.